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Paintings by Chiara Taddeucci Sassolini – the Jazz Collection – mixed media on canvas

The raison d’être of a painting by Chiara is not the painting per se; in other words, her colour compositions are not an end unto themselves. […]

Some of Chiara’s creative endeavours can be squarely compared with jazz, so much so that one could say that jazz is a defining feature of her work. Gestural improvisation, above all, is one of the cornerstones of her work, in the same way as in jazz playing techniques. Her canvases, featuring extensive ‘improvisations’, starting from a simple variation on a common initial theme and always driven by a fast-paced rhythm and by a strong degree of virtuosity, are redolent of free jazz recitals such as those that took place in New York or Chicago in the fifties and the sixties.